Fun, Low Cost Things to Do with the One You Love

Having a fun, romantic time together doesn’t always have to be expensive. So many people tend to think of a date as dinner and a movie, or dancing, drinks and food, which can be very costly. Yet, there are other things that can be fun and frugal, too!

Firstly, think of the fun things that you would do with someone who wasn’t a romantic interest. What kinds of things would be fun there? Then look at all of those and think of what things might be interesting to the person you’re interested in. You immediately have a list of common, fun interests. These are some things that you can do!

Here are some suggestions, as well:

    1. Anything outdoors. Yes, the classic walking can be good. But why not have a destination?
      • Is there a park or playground that you could be walking to?
      • Take along a snack and blanket, make it into a picnic.
      • Or take a Frisbee or ball and play catch.
      • Go by a river and skip some rocks.
      • Take a sketch book and draw each other or the scenery.
      • Use bicycles and explore a new area or have a far off book store or library as a destination and just browse.
    2. Stay at home. Really! There are several fun things you can do together at home.
      • Rent a movie and cuddle under a blanket. Popcorn is cheap and easy to make at home, too!
      • Play some games. If you like cards, pick a couple of games. There are also several board games that can be fun for two. Or how about backgammon? Or chess? If that’s too serious, there are ways to make even a simple game of “fish” a little more adventurous, as long as you two are into some risqué fun! Use your imagination…
      • Washable crayons and felts are inexpensive, much less so than fancy body paints (and since they’re made for kids, they draw very well on skin). Try drawing pictures on each other for a little intimate fun.
      • Read stories to each other. Pick something romantic, such as poetry or another topic you would both enjoy.
    3. Go window shopping. Yes, this can be fun for guys, too. Instead of making it about what she wants, pick a topic and imagine that have to pick only items from that topic and see how many each of you can find. The more wild and outlandish the topic, the better.
    4. Pretend you’re rich. This is something I’ve seen several times and places before, but can be fun. Go to a high-end car dealership and test drive a couple of cars. Be serious, as if you really are going to buy the car. Make sure you dress in reasonable clothes for the occasion, but not too fancy. Go look at some million dollar homes and talk about how you would decorate the place if it were really going to be yours.
    5. Make a “treasure” hunt. Take 2 digital cameras to collect the treasure. Each of you is to go window shopping and photograph 12 to 15 items that you dream about, but are currently out of your price range. Then go home and share the “treasures” with each other and why it’s a treasure to you.

There are several other things that you could do, too. But I’ll leave those for another time! Any ideas you want to add? Have you tried any of these? If so, I’d love to hear from you!