Prepaid Grocery Cards

March 23, 2009

I’m always looking for new ideas on better budgeting and saving money, and when people send me these, I’m certain to use them (or at least comment about them).

Here’s a nifty little idea that a friend e-mailed me (thanks, Helen her blog is DeeplyFelt). She says that buying prepaid grocery cards really helps with her budget, because the budget is then all in the card. Plus it prevents her from browsing all the aisles in the different grocery stores. This way her family only uses the one store, which helps them to better manage what they are buying by really sticking hard to their list and not diverging from what they have already decided is their budget.

As far as I’m aware every grocery store offers prepaid cards. You can simply buy these at the check out or at the customer service desk. And by purchasing prepaid grocery cards you are also insuring that you won’t spend your grocery money on something else, because you have to spend that card at the grocery store. It’s not good for anything else!

This concept could also work for gas cards. I know I’ve done that. I’ve even used the points from my the gas station’s special little card to purchase these prepaid cards, as well as discount cards. And many grocery stores have similar points programs. It’s kind of like a double bonus, because you use the points to buy the card, then the purchase from the prepaid card also earns you points.

Has anyone else ever tried these strategies? Or something similar?

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